South Korea’s Epic Mobile Gaming Rules the Charts

Mobile gaming has become a phenomenon in today’s world, which has turned it into a big market. It is no more, just a recreational and fun activity, as it has become a professional career for many. There are big gaming competitions and contests taking place all over the world. South Korea is one of the […]

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Online Gaming Moves from Streaming to Subscriptions

In some places, the Compact Disk industry and music shops have been dying as a result of the development in technology – the by-product of having MP3 players on smartphones and online music stores/libraries such as Spotify and iTunes. The same trends can also be seen when it comes to gaming as the existence, popularity, […]

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Why Gamers Turn to YouTube

Youtube is a fast-growing company that is supported by Google. Over a million people use it every day, and it is also known to be the hub for anything that you want. Supporting anything from music videos to DIYs, Youtube is undoubtedly one of the best aspects of the internet. While Youtube is now mainly […]

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The World’s Top 5 Best Selling Video Games from the old days

Video games is still a very much quickly growing business and new popular games arebeing launched every year. However, the best-selling video games in history area mixture of classics and contemporary music. Some of the games have taken sometime, but each of them has sold dozens or even hundreds of millions of copies. Theworld’s fifth […]

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