History of The Sims, Part2

The Sims 3 was launched in June of2009.  The Sims community of active daily players grew heavily. The new installment of the game focused on characters and creativity as well asdiversity and gave players unexpected moments and surprised them with sharpturns of events. You still need to keep your Sim happy bytaking care of their […]

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History of “The Sims”, Part1

One of the best selling video game franchises in gaming history, “The Sims” celebrated its 18th birthday in February. Since its launch, it has sold over 200 million copies. Will Wright, a creator of Sim City, lost his home to a fire in 1991. After he lost all his material possessions, hestarted to carefully asses […]

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Music Evolution in Games

Video computer games are audio-visual media, and as the name suggests, the games combine both the image and the music, plus the sound effects play an essential role. The sound recordings of video games have evolved enormously. Continuously renewing experiments and increased understanding of the potential of the sound world as a core part of […]

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Worlds Gaming competitions

If you still think, that playing video games is for children only, you are now part of a minority. Today, gaming is a global business worth around $ 1 800 billion, and players of all ages make millions of dollars of net income, as well as YouTube or Twitch gaming channels and e-sports – competitions […]

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