Children’s Game Addiction

Parents generally want their children to play the same way they did, when they were little, and experience the same things – spending time outside, running around with friends, playing with wooden toys and developing their imagination and creativity by making up characters and fantastic stories. These wishes are far from reality, and most likely […]

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VR-Virtual Reality

Virtual reality means near-reality, it is close to real human experience, just felt differently, it can also be called reality emulation. We know and were taught that we have 5 senses: hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste. These senses relate to specific organs for example touch with skin, taste with tongue, but really there are […]

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Online Gaming History – part 2

The world has internet and that changes everything, from communication to playing games. Let’s look at the history before today’s madness, starting with 1984 and going forward. 1984 – 1990- The year of 1984 is the year of Bitnet because it developed MAD which is the first game that was truly released for the online […]

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Healthy Online Gaming for Children

Video games are not just fun, but also reduce stress, help with depression, train a person’s ability to multi-task and improve decision making. Of course, there are negative effects too, because video games are linked to obesity, addiction, increased violence and aggressive behavior. Parents have already learned about the downside of online gaming and seen […]

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