Amazon is Now Breaking into The Online Gaming Platform

Amazon is the world’s largest retailer. With its humongous internet market, Amazon is already one of the biggest companies in the world. But what is Amazon doing next? They are now breaking into online gaming. GameOn is an API service which lets you add a lot of additional features which makes your game way more […]

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The Upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 Might Be The Best Ever Console

There have been people spreading rumours about a Nintendo Switch 2 coming out eventually. It would have better hardware compared to the regular Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch Lite or the new Nintendo Switch model with a better battery isn’t the rumoured Switch 2. The new Switches not being the rumoured upgrade doesn’t mean that […]

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The Highest Paid Gamers in The World

People usually think playing video games is just a waste of money, but that isn’t the case for a large number of gamers. There are a lot of gamers who earn a living by playing video games by participating in tournaments, and online leagues, which is what is called e-sports. Here are a few of […]

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South Korea’s Epic Mobile Gaming Rules the Charts

Mobile gaming has become a phenomenon in today’s world, which has turned it into a big market. It is no more, just a recreational and fun activity, as it has become a professional career for many. There are big gaming competitions and contests taking place all over the world. South Korea is one of the […]

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