The Upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 Might Be The Best Ever Console

There have been people spreading rumours about a Nintendo Switch 2 coming out eventually. It would have better hardware compared to the regular Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch Lite or the new Nintendo Switch model with a better battery isn’t the rumoured Switch 2. The new Switches not being the rumoured upgrade doesn’t mean that […]

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The Highest Paid Gamers in The World

People usually think playing video games is just a waste of money, but that isn’t the case for a large number of gamers. There are a lot of gamers who earn a living by playing video games by participating in tournaments, and online leagues, which is what is called e-sports. Here are a few of […]

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South Korea’s Epic Mobile Gaming Rules the Charts

Mobile gaming has become a phenomenon in today’s world, which has turned it into a big market. It is no more, just a recreational and fun activity, as it has become a professional career for many. There are big gaming competitions and contests taking place all over the world. South Korea is one of the […]

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Online Gaming Moves from Streaming to Subscriptions

In some places, the Compact Disk industry and music shops have been dying as a result of the development in technology – the by-product of having MP3 players on smartphones and online music stores/libraries such as Spotify and iTunes. The same trends can also be seen when it comes to gaming as the existence, popularity, […]

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