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Game industry’s growth enables more and more people to create and develop their own version of their favorite games or ideas. Most people have played the Xbox or at least touched it at some point in their lives, either there is one at home or at a friend’s house. Various games available in today’s market are constantly evolving and it has created a great interest among young people to study further about game development at post-secondary level. In 2014, game development students in Skovde, small town in Sweden gathered in what was called the Microsoft Game Camp to develop games for Microsoft’s platforms, Xbox One, Windows 8 and Windows Phone for a six-month period. It was a success, that brought together 150 talented students who had the opportunity to improve their skills and together try to develop new games and ideas.

The Xbox backgrounds

Microsoft’s first Xbox was released in the US in November 2001 and in Europe in 2002. Since then, the company has created, improved and launched new consoles (such as Xbox 360 and Xbox One, including updated versions of the latter) and new games. And in connection with technology development, even greater development opportunities have been created for the Xbox. Nowadays, no console is needed, anyone can connect together thanks to something called Xbox Live – a gaming community where players from different areas can play together. Microsoft has also developed Xbox Play Anywhere, which makes it possible to play, well, anywhere. But unlike a couple of years ago when the games were developed for Windows 8, they are now developing them for Windows 10 and, of course, Xbox One. In addition to the development of consoles over the years, the graphics have improved and received a greater resolution that is so authentic that the game is increasingly like the film world. However, unlike the motion pictures, players around the globe today can be more involved in game development by creating their own games for the Xbox. The console has three main programs designed to help all teams of different sizes and game complexity. Xbox Live Creator Program, Independent Developer and what is known as “Managed Partner” on their website, which refers to anyone who is already a partner with Microsoft as a third-party publisher. Game development for Xbox is an option for players who want to build new worlds, new games, and make them exclusive with new, fresh titles that attract other players. A player who may not feel patient enough to spend a long time writing a fantasy novel – and even more time to find a publisher who wants to publish it – instead can focus on making it visual, to build on his interest in games and the development by doing it for the Xbox.

For a player who want to contribute to game creation by making games based on his own imagination, have clear instructions on where to start and go for that to happen. Microsoft provides information about interfaces, design principles, layout guidelines, different types of templates and other things that help a game developer learn to improve their skills. There is also a large library of documentation and technical information about Windows 10 development and applications and collaborations that help the developers publish the game in the Windows Store, for phones, computers and Xbox One. With the game development available today, the market is growing more and more every year. How will game development look in 5-10 years? Let’s wait and see, but it’s exciting.