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Worlds Gaming competitions

If you still think, that playing video games is for children only, you are now part of a minority. Today, gaming is a global business worth around $ 1 800 billion, and players of all ages make millions of dollars of net income, as well as YouTube or Twitch gaming channels and e-sports – competitions exclusively related to the gaming world that are followed by more people around the world than the basketball NBA finals.

The International

MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) which has the most success stories these past few years, because people became obsessed with this kind of gaming and competing against each other. LOL (League of Legends) and DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) are the 2 most popular games which have MOBA tournaments. Every year, millions of people are waiting, and gamers are training to win over 10 million dollars in prizes. 16 teams are competing from all over the world in the United States of America, Seattle.

The Evolution Championship series (EVO)

Every summer in Las Vegas, people gather from all around the world to be entertained by fighting games and meet their communities who are all crazy about the same thing – video games. First EVO was held in 2002 and now it is a 3-day event. In those days there are 9 featured games from the legendary Mortal Combat series to newer and more undiscovered ones, like Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

World Pump Festival

This festival is all about dancing games. It is not so popular in the United States, but huge in Korea and it is called Pump It Up. It is held every year, and everyone comes to show off their athletic shape and skills. You can win by not just getting the highest scores, there are more categories to conquer like freestyling, which is much more creative and, in my opinion,, the more fun one.


It is the biggest Swedish organized gaming event, now it is taking place in different corners of the world like Mumbai, Georgia and others. The main event is in Sweden, at the town of Jonkoping, where the exhibition center, for 72 hours is taken over by gamers from the all around the globe who compete by playing different games. You can find LAN parties, Esports, cosplay, streamers and everything else in one place. This event is the most prestigious for Counter Strike players.

Pokémon Championships

Mostly all the gaming tournaments are for mature audiences, because of the violence, strategies, teamwork and planning, but this one is mostly fun and suitable for all ages; however, Nintendo’s Pokémon is very competitive. This is the place where electronic gamers and card spin-off players face off against each other in real live arenas.  You can only get in with an invitation, if you want to be a part of it, you must take your Pokémon monsters seriously.

LOL Championship

League of Legends is a legendary game which now has its own tournament. 24 teams are competed for more than $2million dollar initial price pool. In 2017 it reached almost 5 million.  If you want to be in the tournament, first you must win your regional competition to get an invite.  Every year, the championship brings something new to the table and its more interesting for players to participate. Like new characters or features are introduced.