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Why Gamers Turn to YouTube

Youtube is a fast-growing company that is supported by Google. Over a million people use it every day, and it is also known to be the hub for anything that you want. Supporting anything from music videos to DIYs, Youtube is undoubtedly one of the best aspects of the internet. While Youtube is now mainly used for seeing music videos and the latest content around the world, it is also used for gaming purposes. The modern era is now known to be in one of the most advanced stages of technology. We are creating games that require the person being involved realistically into the game, via virtual reality. Youtube is a haven for gamers, and this is because players can post their achievements and create videos that showcase their skills and gaming abilities on the platform. More often, they quickly gain popularity and make a career out of their skills in the gaming industry.

Why Youtube?

The main reason as to why gamers are turning to Youtube is due to them requiring some insight on a difficult level or deciding on new games. A study was conducted on how much youtube was used. The results suggested that 95% of people who visit Youtube, require some help in a specific moment and for entertainment. A reason why Youtube is considered so crucial to video gamers is that there is now a lot more gaming content on social platforms and video content to make it more effective. In 2012, the number of people visiting Youtube for the sake of entertainment and gaming videos increased, proving that in fact, Youtube is an essential medium for gamers and those interested in gaming content. 

Another study conducted showed that gamers spent most of their free time watching gaming content on Youtube, which indicates a higher percentage in the viewing of gaming content. Most of the views of gaming content are known to take place in holidays, especially summer and weekends, where gaming content viewing increased by at least 18% compared to weekdays.

The Main Types of Content That Gamers Like to See in a Gaming Video

Each gamer is different, so is the type of content that they wish to view. There are hundreds of hundreds that a player can view on Youtube, and each video has different content. One of the most famous types of content that a person would love to see in a gaming video is a walkthrough. This is when a person plays the game and uploads it onto Youtube for the sake of others. The video highlights the game and shows others how to play it while earning reactions and failures of the game itself. Another more viewed type of gaming video is reviews. There are many gaming icons on Youtube, and they each have different levels of popularity and also different skill levels. Everyone well knows these discussions. The content in the video usually contains a person who has already played the game, rating it a specific amount of stars or give it a positive or a negative review, depending on their experience. This is one of many ways that gaming industries use to efficiently market and spread the word about their games.

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