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The World’s Top 5 Best Selling Video Games from the old days

Video games is still a very much quickly growing business and new popular games arebeing launched every year. However, the best-selling video games in history area mixture of classics and contemporary music. Some of the games have taken sometime, but each of them has sold dozens or even hundreds of millions of copies.

Theworld’s fifth most popular game is the original Super Mario Bros. It has soldmore than 40 million copies. In the game, Mario’s character explores different worlds on different levels by hopping, moving from left to right, collecting treasures and destroying enemies. Mario’s main way of destroying an opponent isjumping on it. At the end of each world there is a flagpole that Mario must jump on to get extra point, the higher he reaches, the more points the player gets. Also, he must rescue the princess. Two people can also play the game, where by another player is Mario’s little brother Luigi. The 1985 release is areal classic and sales figures prove this, but surprisingly this is not the best selling game from Nintendo. 
Number 4 on the list is Grand TheftAuto V, an open-world action adventure game that sold over 65 million copies worldwide. GTA is perhaps the most traditional game on this list and GTA 5 is one of the most impressive storiesin the history of the gaming world. GTA V was released on September 17, 2013for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. With its sales rankings, it has managed to overtake several classics such as Pokémon, Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed. The game has received a lot of controversial reviews, but ithas only worked for its benefit and a new installment is always eagerly awaited by the fans of the series. Fun fact, on the first day of the launch, GTA Vgrossed over 1 billion dollars. 

NintendoWii Sports is Nintendo’s most popular game and it is number 3 on the list. Morethan 82 million copies of Wii sports have been sold and, in sales figures, it has surpassed Nintendo legends such as Super Mario Bros, Zelda, Metroid and Donkey Kong. Wii Sports is a collection of different sports games played withthe game’s Wii Remote. Wii is the first game in which a user can createself-made shots for themselves. The games include baseball, tennis, golf, bowling and boxing.

Atthe 2 spot is a Sandbox game called Minecraft in the world of best selling games. It began as a infinitely popular indie game on the PC, and later itwas developed to fit almost every device in the world. With this, Minecraft has already sold more than 106 million copies. In Minecraft, the player creates three-dimensional constructions with cubes of different materials. Minecraftwas released for the first time on May 16, 2009, and even when it was in the development stage it won praises and the hearts of a huge number of players. With Minecraft, developer Markus “Notch” Persson became a multimillionaire. Minecraft’s success ranged from PC, then spread to phones, game consoles, and any kind of device with a screen. Minecraft is still extremely popular. Microsoft bought the game recently, so it’s probably going to be in use for a long time. The world’s best selling game, however, is Tetris, a real classic game that everyone knows. It’s been released for virtually every gaming machine in history, from Commodore 64 to Android and iOS phones. 

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