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The Upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 Might Be The Best Ever Console

There have been people spreading rumours about a Nintendo Switch 2 coming out eventually. It would have better hardware compared to the regular Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch Lite or the new Nintendo Switch model with a better battery isn’t the rumoured Switch 2. The new Switches not being the rumoured upgrade doesn’t mean that Nintendo isn’t currently developing an upgraded one. People who are eagerly awaiting the new Switch 2 are expecting to see one soon. There have been new ones that were confirmed to be in development by Nintendo, but they weren’t the Switch 2. Is the Switch 2 going to be the Super Nintendo Switch? What kind of new features could it provide? If you’re curious about what the possible upgrades could be, continue reading, and you’ll find some likely ones.

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

Support for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The Switch was never seemed to be expected to be able to support Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality. Nintendo of France’s Managing Directed said that there was no appeal from the people to the technology around 2018. But recently, Nintendo released their own Nintendo Labo VR Kit. It is a sign that they have changed their mind about how VR can be used on the Nintendo Switch. The Switch’s screen resolution isn’t as high as what the majority of VR gaming computers have. We might get a Switch model that has a resolution of 2K or 4K so that VR will be better to experience. The Nintendo Labo VR Kit was directed to children. So if they upgraded their screen solely for the kit, then that’s probably not the only VR-related thing coming for the Switch.

Support for a 3D Display

There was a patent from Nintendo that was found during the early months of 2019. The patent was for an array of 3D sensors that you’d put on top of your TV. It would create a stereoscopic image, which is like what the 3DS was like if you didn’t know. You wouldn’t need any specialized eyewear to see the 3D models. You were probably one of the many people that thought that having 3D visuals was a gimmick that would disappear. It was something considered to be a gimmick with the handheld consoles that Nintendo released, specifically the 3DS family of devices. Getting 3D pictures onto regular 2D televisions that can convince someone it’s truly 3D is the crucial puzzle piece of making 3D gaming plausible.

Support for 4K Resolution

The big console companies Microsoft and Sony are pushing for the 4K market, but Nintendo doesn’t have any reason to be going for it as well. It is a company that is trying to be different than other companies. They have stated that 4K is something that not many people currently care about at all, so they won’t attempt to push for it any time soon. Nintendo’s consoles haven’t been in real HD until they released the Wii U in 2012. However, Miyamoto said that they wished that they leapt for HD sooner than the Wii U. They expected HD displays to be popular three years later than it did.

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