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The Legend of Zelda

Oneof the world’s most popular video game series has been developed and released by Nintendo – The Legend of Zelda, which has sold more than 100 million copies worldwide. It’s close to Nintendo’s most successful series of games alongside Super Mario, Metroid and the Pokémon franchise. It’s a fantasy world-based action adventure and role-playing gamethat tackles puzzles, jumping to different levels, fighting, knocking aroundstuff, and flipping around the game world to explore new areas. The game seriesis designed by Shigeru Miyamoto, one of the most respected game designers in the world. Miyamoto used his childhood experiences when creating the world, because he spent most of his time in nature and outdoors. In addition, Zelda’sgames are inspired by Japanese tradition, Scandinavian antiquity and medieval European culture. The Legend of Zelda’s story mainly revolves around one character, who is making his path through the world of Hyrule. The goal isusually to rescue Princess Zelda. The game’s formula and game mechanics have remained the same in all versions, and the updates only relate to functionality and mobility, as well as the development of the fantasy world.

The protagonist of the game, Link, is a boy or a young man in various parts of thegame. Link does not speak, he only uses his voice for emphasis, and his ideasare described with a speech bubble that mainly uses question or exclamation marks. Link wears a long green tunic and a green hat; his ears are tapered aswell. Link is extremely brave and belongs to a lineage of Hyrule knights. In his arms he has a sword and a shield, and can, if necessary, transform intoother creatures. In order to survive, he also often uses magic and in someversions of the game he is able to shoot magic pots with a stinging pin. Link has lots of friends and supporters in the fantasy world, but ultimately, however, he must always rely on his own skills to go on adventures and solve riddles. In addition to Link, another important object in Hyrule is called the Triforce, the Three Fortune, which is a sacred object created by three goddesses. The parts can also be separated from each other, but when combined, they are the most magnificent magic object in all Hyrule. In addition to Link and the Triforce, Princess Zelda is also in every game, but her role is often different from game to game. Link and Zelda are childhood friends, and sometimes Zelda will also help him with his quests, at least when she is not inneed of help, but this is more of a gimmick. 

Usually, the main task of the game is to rescue Princess Zelda, but each game also includes side missions. However, doing these is not necessary to get through the game. Performing auxiliary missions will give you prizes like new magicitems, features and skills that will help you survive further down in the gameat later levels. A typical sideline quest in The Legend of Zelda is a barter chain where Link must supply the item he has found to the right person. Thebarter chain goes on until eventually Link get something useful forhimself.  Side quests in the game also include, competitions, searching for lost people or objects or various problem-solving tasks, among other things. The first Zelda game was released in 1986 and it was at its peak in the 1990s. The latest installment of the Zelda franchise was released in 2017, andwas called “Legend of Zelda, Breath of the wild.” 

Franchise products, such as toys, cartoons and collect cards, have been created alongside the gaming series. In 1989 part of the game-based animation series was made. The Zelda Comics magazine appeared in 1990, released by Vallant Comics. Five numbers were printed, each containing twenty full and short stories. Zelda stories were released in The Nintendo Comic System. In 2000, a documentary film was made on the Zelda series, but only a Japanese version is available. The Simpsons series has showed a parody of the game as well. The game series has abig fan base, and it grew quite a lot with the new installment, also Link and Zelda, among other character are popular in the cosplay world. 

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