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The Highest Paid Gamers in The World

People usually think playing video games is just a waste of money, but that isn’t the case for a large number of gamers. There are a lot of gamers who earn a living by playing video games by participating in tournaments, and online leagues, which is what is called e-sports. Here are a few of the highest-paid gamers in the world.


Jesse Vainikka, also known as “JerAx”

Jesse Vainikka started as several team’s support players, which helped him grow. His best moments were in 2016 when he was a member of Team Liquid. Then he switched to another team, but he was still doing his best. Vainikka’s earnings so far are about $3,306,000.

Lasse Urpalainen, also known as “MATUMBAMAN”

Lasse Urpalainen helped his team win a tournament in 2014, which is what contributed to his rise into popularity. He was still new to the Dota 2 scene when he was playing at the time, but he had excellent skills with the game’s mechanics, which got a lot of people’s attention. He eventually got into Team Liquid, which led to his e-sports career’s great success. Lasse’s earnings so far are about $3,438,000.

Ivan Ivanov, also known as “MinD_ContRoL”

Ivan Ivanov was a free agent for a long time since he tended to have a new roster in his team now and then. He tried to join a few teams, but he finally settled in Team Liquid. When he joined the team, he settled down in the team, and he has had many amazing plays. Ivan’s earnings so far are about $3,438,000.

Amer Al-Barqawi, also known as “Miracle“

Amer Al-Barqawi was the center of attention for a while when he took a high placement on the Dota 2 leaderboards in Europe. He was then recruited by a team, which then lead to him becoming popular. He had a considerable following since he was pulling off great plays often. He moved to Team Liquid after a while, where he kept on winning tournaments. Amer’s earnings so far are about $3,671,000.

Johan Sundstein, also known as “n0tail”

Johan Sundstein has been involved in e-sports ever since he played Heroes of Newerth, which is where he became famous after winning several tournaments. Then, Johan moved on to Dota 2, where he was a part of many great teams, but he didn’t win many championships until he joined Team Secret. He won a tournament with that team, but then he formed a team of his own, which have won a bunch of big tournaments so far. Johan’s earnings so far are about $3,734,000.

Johan Sundstein,
Johan Sundstein

Kuro Takhasomi, also known as “KuroKy”

Kuro Takhasomi is the gamer with the most earnings in the entire world. He has been in the e-sports scene ever since 2008. He has played for many years but wasn’t successful until 2013. He started winning tournaments, but then he found his team in 2015. His team is now Team Liquid. Kuro’s earnings so far are about $4,098,000.

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