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South Korea’s Epic Mobile Gaming Rules the Charts

Mobile gaming has become a phenomenon in today’s world, which has turned it into a big market. It is no more, just a recreational and fun activity, as it has become a professional career for many. There are big gaming competitions and contests taking place all over the world. South Korea is one of the biggest markets for mobile gaming. Over 50 percent of its population play Mobile games. More than 5 billion dollars were spent on different gaming titles, last year alone in South Korea.

There is a prominent gaming culture in South Korea. Most Kids after school head towards local gaming centers and play games. Mobile gamers can be seen playing games in the streets of South Korea until 3 am. Many stars of mobile gaming started their journey from these streets. The support of the government also helped in the development of this gaming culture. Twenty years ago, they organized the first esports tournament, when the rest of the world hadn’t even heard about esports. Korean government was one of the sponsors of the first, World Cyber Olympics, in 2000. The smartphone revolution in the world has helped this gaming culture immensely in South Korea. Fifty-three percent of South Koreans play games on their mobiles. South Korea has the highest percentile of smartphone penetration in Asia. The local mobile company, Samsung has been instrumental in this smartphone revolution. More than 60 percent of South Koreans use Samsung smartphones. Most of those devices are expensive and high quality, which are suitable for mobile games. The exciting thing about the South Korean gaming scene is their age group – thirty-four percent of mobile gamers are between the age of 20 to 50 years. So, the acceptance of mobile games is much more in South Korea. The market for mobile gaming made more than 3 billion dollars in South Korea last year. South Korea has the second highest average revenue per mobile gamer in the world.

Gaming culture in South Korea

Local Korean company Netmarble is leading the charts when it comes to the revenue made by the gaming companies. Though mostly Korean companies are at the top of the revenue charts, still in some genres, local companies aren’t being able to match international standards. In strategy games, there aren’t many options given by local gaming companies, which has allowed foreign brands to sell their product. There are a few hiccups in the way of international companies as there are regulatory challenges like restrictions on gaming time to protect young children from game addiction. South Korea is a dream country for both Mobile players and Mobile gaming companies. The gaming infrastructure and deeply rooted gaming culture are pillars of the mobile gaming scene in the country.

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