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Sony PlayStation Games development

Many people dream of developing games and plenty have also made this dream a reality. But one thing that you might think about watching game creation is why it is much more common to develop games to computer and mobile than it is to develop it for the PlayStation. The reason is quite simple: it is much easier to make games for other platforma. But why is that?


It is really a good question. Is it harder to develop games for the PlayStation? Is it more expensive? Let’s take a closer look at the actual process that you must undergo when creating games for the PlayStation.

Is It Difficult?

Developing the game itself is not difficult at all. You simply use an engine that you like and make a good game. You program the same way and you think the same way. The only thing that is different is that you are developing the game so that you can play with a console instead of with mouse and keyboard, but this is not a huge difference. No, it’s no more difficult to develop games to the PlayStation than to any other platform. But if it’s not harder, maybe it’s more expensive?

Is It Expensive?

This is not the case either. Crafting games for the PlayStation does not cost more than giving up games to PC or Mac. You can use the same engines and the process itself is no different. Therefore, the cost is not the big problem here. The issue is not actually with those who make the games, the problem lies with the company that owns PlayStation, and that is Sony.

It is the company that released PlayStation and it’s the ones who decide which games you can play on their consoles. Before you can publish games that are meant for PlayStation, they must prove that you can publish games on their platform. You need to register with Sony and not everyone will be accepted. This has meant that many people simply fail to launch their games for the console and only give them to players using PC or Mac. It’s simply a lot easier and there are more users on those platforms than on the PS.

What does this mean to anyone who wants to develop games for the PlayStation? Does that mean you just give up, it’s not worth it? What it means is that you just need to spend some more time to get your game up so people can buy it for PlayStation. There are not very many people who can do it as if you are able and successful, your game will have much less competition. This means that it is easier to get people to buy your game on the PlayStation than it is for example PC. But why has Sony chosen to do this way? Does it have any specific reason, or do they simply not want to have so many games? One of them the big reasons why Sony does this is to ensure they only have solid games on their platform. By making it difficult to release console games and by controlling who can do it, they can keep track of which games are appearing in their collection. This serves both as a bar for talent and creativity, as well as supervisory control.