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Online Gaming Moves from Streaming to Subscriptions

In some places, the Compact Disk industry and music shops have been dying as a result of the development in technology – the by-product of having MP3 players on smartphones and online music stores/libraries such as Spotify and iTunes. The same trends can also be seen when it comes to gaming as the existence, popularity, and relevance of the internet has proved to be a game-changer.

Online Gaming Moves from Streaming to Subscriptions

Addressing Gamer Needs of Today

Arcade malls, roller-skating rinks or amusement parks used to be the kids and family entertainment centre that everyone flocked to visit every Friday night or on weekends. All of that changed when gaming companies introduced home gaming consoles in the 1980s. Family game nights then were no longer about board games but by playing on game controllers in front of the television.

Several years after that, hand-held, individual gaming consoles became the hottest trend. Although, it is interesting to note that the home gaming industry is still evolving and thriving. Now, in the 21st century, gamers are seeking gaming platforms that they can enjoy anywhere, and at any time they want to. The current developments of online gaming revolve around this need.

Digital Distribution Platforms

Gone are the days when you need to leave the house and drive to the nearest gaming store to purchase the new model of your favourite gaming console. At present, you do not need to go to the mall and buy even your favourite games, personally. The introduction of mobile technology and the internet has eradicated this need.

Gaming companies, similar to the music industry, is now offering online stores for their games that could be accessible through computers, mobile phones, or in their own devices and consoles. You can order online and have new gaming systems delivered to your home for your convenience. An excellent example of a digital distribution platform is Steam, an online gaming store that is accessible through Windows, iOS, and Linux. Other than downloading games, it also serves as a community portal for gamers all around the globe. Another is the already popular gaming selections that a lot of people have already been enjoying in Google’s PlayStore. Some of the games can be downloaded and played completely free on Android devices. More premium games can be bought for a fee.

Streaming Games

Aside from movies, games can also be streamed in the comfort and convenience of your mobile device.  Google is at the forefront of this gaming development in its announcement of the release of Google Stadia, the company’s cloud gaming platform. Since the games and the gamers’ progress is saved in the Cloud, it is much easier for players to continue playing their games in multiple devices: laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Game Subscriptions

Apple is also making its stride into the marriage of mobile technology and online gaming in its development of the Apple Arcade. The new platform is even being dubbed and marketed as the up-and-coming “Netflix for games.” The service would have hundreds of games for players who subscribe to the service. The games can be downloaded and played offline in any of Apple’s premium devices such as the iPhone, the iPad, the Mac, and even Apple TV.

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