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Online Gaming History – part 2

The world has internet and that changes everything, from communication to playing games. Let’s look at the history before today’s madness, starting with 1984 and going forward.

1984 – 1990- The year of 1984 is the year of Bitnet because it developed MAD which is the first game that was truly released for the online community. The game was accessed by a worldwide computer network. Personal computers have been released and Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft creates a game called Donkey. He pushes programmers to develop their own games by providing them with the basic code.

1993- the LAN party is born, it’s very popular these days too. That’s every gamer’s party scene. People gather with computers and accessories to spend time together by playing video and computer games. That is a huge part of the network effect. Pathway to Darkness is created in the same year, where multiple people can play at the same time.

The 90s were a strange decade not just for games, but because of the peculiar music as well, for example Rednex played Cotton Eye Joe, even though it still plays in your head, it is quite an awkward song. Everyone tries to get people to play their game on the internet, but nothing was working, and no trends were formed during this time.

1993 – 1995 Companies like Atari, Sega and Nintendo try to push their games online too, but it is very expensive and slow. First person shooting games take front stage with the releases of titles like Wolfenstein 3d and the first installment of the Doom series.

1996-1998. During these years, two games, that took games much further than possible before were Quake and Kingdom of the Winds. They have expanded the role-playing game category and the first- person shooter gaming experience. Quake took the first-person shooter experience to another level. Where the first Doom and Wolfenstein 3d were the beginnings of person shooting games, they still lacked depth.

1999 was the year of Woodstock in the same year Nintendo became a huge deal for online gaming. Super Smash appeared online because of the add-on feature for the Nintendo 64 console.

In 2000 Sony Playstation2 was released, and this was something different, because it had internet capabilities. It became console of the year and had huge commercial success. 2002- This is an amazing year for online gaming because it is the launch of Xbox and Xbox Live. The Halo video games franchise had a big role in this launch happening successfully. Halo was so popular that it just was a must have, and a must, to be played online, and multiplayer gaming flourished even more. LAN parties had their comeback too.

2004- WOW (World of Warcraft) is released for players all over the world. It becomes a cult-like game overnight, and although a lot of time has passed since then, not much has changed for it now, too. People are going crazy about this game, now, just like before. 2006 is the year of Playstation3. From here on out, everything is going at a much faster pace, as the technologies we use in our daily lives advances rapidly.

It’s 2007 and 7 out of 10 people are not looking up anymore, they are looking at their smartphone screens. It becomes an addiction, more common then smoking. There is a new saying that phones are the new cigarettes. Phones change how people are playing and interacting online. Now, even on the bus people can play their favorite online games, if they are smart phone compatible.

2009 marks the release of Angry Birds and becomes a craze in the world of smartphone gaming, which introduces a whole range of goods with the iconic birds on them. 2016 is even crazier with Pokemon Go, about which you will be able to read in the later posts.

Now there are hundreds of thousands of apps and games for your phone, that is viral craziness. Starting with Candy Crush continuing to League of Legends. The market is growing more and more every year with new releases. The next step in gaming, that is already starting to become popular is VR- virtual reality. Check the new post to find out more about it.