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Online Gaming History – part 1

Online gaming started with the appearance of the first computers which had mainframe.  When a computer was built, a game was created to test it. After networks appeared, there were games to test it too. Let’s look at what happened in the online gaming history in the first post of two. This part covers everything from the early 1940s to the day when internet was created, in the second part we will cover events from the late 20th century to today.

1940 – The World’s Fair happened and it introduced us to Nimatron. A computer which allowed you to play the mathematical game of NIM. It can also be called a subtraction game, that means that two players take turns removing objects from distinct heaps.

1951 – 1952 These years mark the first 2-game computer releases. The first was NIMROD and the second one was called OXO. They were both introduced at the World’s Fair.  This was a big leap into gaming world. A game called “Space war” then appeared, it’s a space combat game which is played on multiple computer stations.

1966 – 1967- The first game console which is called “The Brown Box” and could be played at home, is released. At the same time, arcade games are becoming more and more popular in the USA. Sega released Periscope and Taito created Crown Special Soccer which was coin-operated pinball. Everyone realized that playing with friends is much more fun than playing alone. It created a network effect, which meant that this kind of gaming experience became more valuable, since more and more people started playing them.

1972 – Atari is released, which sets the standard for game creation and development at a large scale. During these years, rapid game development with multiplayer feature begins. In the upcoming 10 years, 15 new game companies are going to be established.

1973 – 1975- First personal computers and gaming consoles are released. This is a huge step for the gaming community. In 1975 the joystick appeared and revolutionized how people play. It was released as a control mechanism for a game called Gunfight. Couple of years later, the Atari Video Control System is introduced, in other words it can be called Atari Box. 7 years pass from that moment, and the legendary Dungeons and Dragons are created and because of them, the role-playing games are becoming more and more popular.

1978 – 1980 -Years started with the release of the Digital Equipment Corporation -10s system. The concept is time-sharing, and this mainframe system provides the foundation. At the same time one game could be played by 32 people. Also, in these years more, gaming magazines are being released. They mostly technology and advancements, along with video games which in turn creates a new economic field.

1982 – Time Magazine declared this year as “Computer Year”. William Von Meister in LA Consumer Electronics show releases the first modem- transfer technology. Most of you probably still remember that it used telephone lines, that’s how the data was transmitted. That technology was used by people playing games to download them from sharing programs.

1983 – 1st of January is very important day not just in the gaming world but in all of our lives, because that date marks the creation of the Internet. That is the year when online gaming commenced.