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History of The Sims, Part2

The Sims 3 was launched in June of2009.  The Sims community of active daily players grew heavily. The new installment of the game focused on characters and creativity as well asdiversity and gave players unexpected moments and surprised them with sharpturns of events.

You still need to keep your Sim happy bytaking care of their needs and reaching short – and long – term goals.  Anew feature for character experience appeared in the game, much like open World adventure games, where you can travel to exotic destinations or Into the Futureby simply jumping through a time portal. Creators went beyond conventional house hold imagination and later released “DragonValley” where Sims could keep baby dragons as pets and live in a mythical world.

Maxis is the company who worked on the game from the very beginning, and their development team read thousands of player suggestions and updated the game according to community requests. The Sims 4was released on September 2014, with more new emotions, behavior traits and interactions in the game. The new upgrade was possible because of technological advancements. This was a product of a new AI system, audio positioning tools,and routing intelligence, that provided richer game play and smooth animations,making the Sims even more addictive than they were. 

In “build mode”, new features also appeared, which let Simmers (this is how Sims fans are called) adjust all heights of the building, as well as change the foundation of the house and have smart windows. For the first time infranchise history, gender boundaries were removed. That allowed players to choose any type of clothing or physique, tone of the voice and other things, regardless of the characters gender.

More options were added, like the new Gallery mode, which enabled players to see what others have created. Over 20 pieces of downloadable content have appeared that includes Vampires. Characters could now gain supernatural abilities.

4 years have passed since the release of Sims 4, and everyone is waiting for a new chapter. Here are some rumors surrounding Sims 5:

  • Super real graphics. With the revolution of photorealistic graphics in general, it could be that Sims creators will follow this trend, so that the characters will have more definition, and looklike real people with physiques and proper skin texture. For a game like Sims this would be a must. 
  • Playing with friends. There was a shortperiod for The Sims Online, but it was not as popular as the original game. Nowadays, because almost every game is an online multiplayer experience, thisone may also have some truth to it.
  • Open world. Currently, the Sims games have neighborhoods, different modes, cities where you can transport your Sim, but you are not able to walk your character there by yourself. This update will promise massive maps with forests, oceans, continents and other goodies forplayers.

In 2 years, Sims aregoing to celebrate 20th anniversary and maybe those rumors are going to become reality, all the Simmers are wishing that it is going to be the yearof the new game being released.

Are you excited?

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