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History of “The Sims”, Part1

One of the best selling video game franchises in gaming history, “The Sims” celebrated its 18th birthday in February. Since its launch, it has sold over 200 million copies.

Will Wright, a creator of Sim City, lost his home to a fire in 1991. After he lost all his material possessions, hestarted to carefully asses his financial situation. Wright was always passionate about architecture and had an idea to create a game, where players can simulate real life daily activities and build their homes from scratch. This idea came to life in the form of “The Sims”. Now we call it The Sims 1, because four games have been released to date, including various additional expansion packages. The game was designed for personal computers only, consoles were not included. It was suitable for all genders and ages, the game itself had no ending or objective, besides building the house ofyour dreams and players could decide their Sims characters destinies by performing certain in game actions. Players can create any character that they want, ranging from appearance to skills, they can also control the Sims relationships, find a job, or get a specific career. The game is not limited tojust one Sim or a family, players can play multiple Sims, and create a whole neighborhood. 

Sims, just as humans, have 8 basic needs: Bladder, Environment, Fun, Hygiene, Comfort, Social and Energy. If you fail to fulfill these needs, much like in life, it can lead to depression oreven the death of your Sim. The game has its own currency called Simoleons. At the start of the game, players receive 20, 000 Simoleons and canpurchase a lot or pre-built houses. After that, the players can go into Buy Mode and furnish their property choosing from a list of 150 items.

Another unique feature is a fictional language and it’s called Simlish, it adds a new dimension to the game for the players to enjoy, kind of white noise or when the Sims are talking, to generatea feel that they are having serious conversations just in a foreign language, that makes the game appear more real.

Success of the Sims was huge, andaudiences demanded more. In August 2000, just 6 months after the original release, the first expansion pack appeared and was called The Sims: Livin’Large. That expansion pack added crazy situations to the Sims daily routines, like alien abductions or The Grim Reaper would come to take the Sims soul afterits death.  The success of “Livin’ large” brought about more expansions like House Party, Vacation, Superstar, Unleashed and a couple ofothers. New features, objects, and additional neighborhoods where added in eachexpansion to give players more options and actions. 

4 years passed, and people were still were going mad about this game. It became a global addiction and it resulted inthe launch of The Sims 2. The perspective was slightly shifted, character now had lifetime goals. Their social life became more important and decision making created a lot of fun and chaotic situations. It started looking more and more like real life, overflowing with emotions. Characters now had their own personality types, like outgoing, lazy or mean. Basic needs grew a new category. The Sims needed to be popular, to have friends, go out, reach successor earn more money. 350 new objects were added, and 14 new locations created. 10, 000 fashion options became available. That meant more time to just prepare to play the game, or to be in different modes longer.  For the Sims 2 new expansion packs appeared like “ApartmentLife”, “Glamour Life” and others. However, the core of the game stayed the same. 

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