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Amazon is Now Breaking into The Online Gaming Platform

Amazon is Now Breaking into The Online Gaming Platform
Amazon is Now Breaking into The Online Gaming Platform

Amazon is the world’s largest retailer. With its humongous internet market, Amazon is already one of the biggest companies in the world. But what is Amazon doing next? They are now breaking into online gaming. GameOn is an API service which lets you add a lot of additional features which makes your game way more interactive socially. GameOn enables users to create their own competitions and manage their private leaderboards and invite friends. This increases the game user’s retention rate, social interaction, engagement and therefore helps with the monetization of the business. With the application of GameOn services, there will be a rise in the fan base of the games with the game developers giving physical rewards to the players

Fairness and Fun

GameOn helps the developers to add filters to their games which will improve the overall balance during gameplay. The developers can add filters which sort the players according to their skill set, device type, location. These filters help to match the players of the same skill set against each other. It improves the fairness of the game and also the competitiveness for the better players.


The GameOn API is made of three parts:

  • Game API: is a REST-based API which helps developers to integrate competitions in the game.
  • GameOn Console: it helps the business, i.e. marketing people to manage and schedule competitions.
  • Admin API: it helps the developers write flows which could be done by users manually.

Amazon already has people streaming games on Twitch. With the help of a twitch extension on GameOn, the streamers can now organize tournaments with their fan base; which will be the best thing for any banner to gain popularity.


GameOn is built on the giant AWS Cloud network. Developers are asked to create AWS accounts for themselves, and as long as the device can make calls to AWS, it works fine. This is irrespective of the player using a mobile or tablet or computer to play. GameOn is free to use till May 1st for all developers so they can try their game with the system. After which first 35,000 plays are free per month and then, after that $0.003 per play is charged. Although the price is high, many developers have already jumped on board including Eden Games, Vector Unit and Lima Sky.

Game Insight

Game Insight is one of the biggest gaming companies in the world with 300 million players, popularly known for developing Guns of Boom. Their games required more user retention in the survival arena, and they even wanted to gift their users. For this, they decided to partner with GameOn API. They were able to integrate their game programmed on C++ with the API smoothly. They also started dispatching real-life rewards to players through Amazon delivery network. GameOn is a unique, futuristic and interactive service. It will help to increase user retention and social interaction in games. The popularity of PUBG and Fortnite have shown the importance of social interaction to the gamers of today.

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